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by Catherine
This is my friend, Sammi.  According to mom, Sammi is speech delayed.  I’ve known Sammi since she was a baby and we have a special relationship. She and I love getting dirty in the outdoors together. Before she could walk, I would carry her around and point out various plants and point to the leaves and say, ‘leaf’. I’d let her pull a leaf off and I’d repeat, ‘leaf’. Through the past year and a half, Sammi and I have had several outside adventures where she pulls me by my finger and leads me to plants. She doesn’t point or say anything, she just waits for me to say ‘leaf’ and to talk to her about the plants.  A couple weeks ago, she was visiting me at my home and from the living room I could hear her in the kitchen say ‘leaf, leaf, leaf’. I walked into the kitchen and there she was pulling apart the leaves of one of my houseplants. She had a big smile, pulled another piece off and held it up for me to see and said ‘leaf’.  I was elated, ‘Yes, Sammi, leaf!’. We did a little happy dance in the kitchen. (the second picture is the houseplant proudly showing off its tattered edges)



11/30/2016 11:33pm

It is heart touching, I have a niece already that is why I can really relate to the happiness kids can brought to us. I am really glad that Sammi can speak already, I hope it will continue it only takes patience and love to be able the kids to learn lots of things with love and passion. I miss my niece already, I really love her so much, because of her I understand the feeling of loving a baby already, how much more when I get to have my own child. Thank you so much for this. God bless.

05/08/2017 2:16am

This is one of those moments that just makes me feel all kinds of feelings. I feel like crying in happiness because she actually made it. She finally made progress and I believe that this is just the start of her more achievements in life. She has a bright future ahead and this is where she needs someone who will guide her through all of the obstacles. So, continue teaching and showing her the right path. I hope she could make more progress eventually. Thank you so much for sharing this such warm and fuzzy story with us. Please do update us with Sammi's journey.

06/02/2017 10:43pm

They say children with speech difficulty needed more time from us. It will help if we repeat everything they say so they will feel we are listening to them. It will encourage them to speak. We should also work hand in hand with professionals. We are watching closely for worse case scenarios like a difficulty in hearing. But these rarely happen. We should spend more time conversing with them.


She is cute. I hope she will be alright. I was a good idea to share this story about her.


Catherine, you are such a cute and lovely child! I would like to meet Sammi someday and say leaf too! Sammi looks such a healthy and adorable plant. I'm sure you take very good care of Sammi. I am happy that there are children like you who are passionate about taking care of plants because most people take it for granted and destroy them. Continue being caring to plants and I'm sure God will reward you someday. Say hello to Sammi to me!


Sunny kid! she's fantastic girl! wish to read more about your adventures with her!

06/09/2017 6:26am

She has cute smile on the face.

07/31/2017 2:32am

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08/19/2017 7:06am

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