Leaf! 2



In the first, ‘Leaf!’, you met my friend Sammi, with delayed speech, and read about our friendship and how after almost 1 year of her and I enjoying the outdoors together, she demonstrated to me her understanding of all the times I showed her plants and leaves by tearing up a houseplant and saying ‘leaf’ with each rip. 

This story is ‘Leaf! Part 2’.

In May 2016, Nicole and I took Sammi and her parents out to where our horses live for some family play time. Sammi was on the back of Ajax, a chestnut quarter horse gelding, with Dad and I holding her legs for safety, Nicole leading the horse and mom walking alongside. We walked under a tree and Sammi looked up, grabbed a leaf and said, ‘leaf’.  This action continues to demonstrate her understanding and capabilities.  For some of our upcoming playtimes, I’m going to do some leaf focused activities to take advantage of her interest and encourage more verbal communication. Perhaps she will be a botanist when she grows up!


09/16/2016 10:07am

You have written such wonderful narration. Your blog entry is really encouraging for those with deficiencies. It is important to not give up to those sort of people. I also agree that what she did demonstrate her understanding and capacities. I wish that she will continue to improve her skills in oral communication.

01/06/2017 4:19am

Oh, maybe sh will, but her tastes will change! My have changed since I was child)

02/05/2017 11:56am

I hope you will continue this story. It will be awesome for me to read the next part.

05/09/2017 4:25am

I am sure she will be a botanist! I am so touched with this story right now!


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